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NTFS on Linux

Originally posted 2019-01-18

So I recently bought an external 8tb WD elements drive to for backups from my Linux NAS. I decided to try using NTFS as the FS on it since I wanted the backups to be as compatible as possible with both Linux and Windows.

My backup script is below

     newdate=`date +%g%m%e`
     mkdir /mnt/8tb/$newdate
     cp -al /mnt/8tb/olddate/* /mnt/8tb/$newdate/
     rsync -avh --delete    /sharedfolders/ /mnt/8tb/$newdate

Rsync runs at about 30-40mb per second, with about 70-80 of one core being used. That sucks since the drive is capable of 150~mb per second on windows.

Also, after backing up my over 5tb of data, I moved it to a windows machine, and discovered that the drive was 88% fragmented! That is crazy. windows-defrag-drives.png

My mount options-

  • defaults
  • noauto - only mount when I want it to
  • user - allow user mount
  • uid=1000, gid=100, and umask=000 - Set permissions wide open as desired for this drive
  • hide_dot_files and hide_hid_files - sync the different ways to make the file hidden
  • windows_names - make sure windows does not puke at unsupported characters
  • noatime and big_writes - somewhat successful tuning parameters

So overall, I will probably go with another FS next time and just live with not being able to access it on windows, or only accessible with a third party program install.


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