Hi, I am TheCakeIsNaOH.

This website is mainly for and about anything having to do with computers. There might be a bit of hardware, but it is going to be mostly software. One of my main interests is something like a combination of self hosting and data hoarding, with the end goal of relying on as few outside services as possible and having all my data available even if the internet is down. I also have other areas of interest, such as VFIO, software packaging, and scripting.

The main thing that these interests translate to at the moment is automating my windows software management with Chocolatey. Another thing is self hosting this website.

I am very familiar with Chocolatey, and have written or modified software installers in NSIS, InnoSetup, and Deb. This website is served by Nginx+letsenscrypt+mkdocs, all of which I set up. I can use Docker, and can write a docker-compose file. I know both PowerShell and Linux Shell scripting, although I am not super experienced in either. I know a little in some other languages; Python, C# and C, but I am at a beginner level in all of them. I can setup and administer both Windows and Debian.

I do internalizing and creation of Chocolatey packages for hire, so if you are interested get in touch via email.

Last update: 2020-11-07